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It’s finally spring at Woodstock Sanctuary, and we have a lot of new little hooves running around our pastures!

We’ve had ELEVEN goat babies and two baby lambs born since January!  All of their mothers were rescued from a backyard butcher in October, pregnant and malnourished. Animals were living and dying in filth, without medical care or proper treatment, until they were killed onsite. 

Because of this neglect, all of the pregnancies were high-risk. Though our amazing caregiving team has been caring for them around-the-clock through difficult pregnancies and deliveries, two of the pregnant goat mothers didn't make it through delivery.

We lost beautiful and kind Maya in January. She underwent an emergency c-section and lost the triplets she was carrying. 

Then sweet little Lou Lou went into labor in late February and during her c-section, Lou Lou slipped away from us. We named her two babies, Luna and Louie, after their sweet mother. These little orphans continue to be hand-raised by our caregivers, who took turns bringing them home with them each night for the first few weeks of their lives.

In March, sweet Freyja the sheep, who was also part of that rescue, gave birth to two healthy lambs, Dorothy Jo and George!  Our caregivers assisted Freyja during the birth and now she and her babies are doing wonderfully. 

Now that they are old enough, all of the goat babies and their mothers stay in the same pastures and spend their days making friends, climbing on their playground, and nursing — the way it should be.  Freyja, George, and Dorothy Jo are now in with the rest of the sheep who have welcomed the new lambs and help to look after them.  They wouldn’t be here and safe without our friends and supporters. Your support saves lives and spreads the mission of love and compassion. From the Tiniest Herd...Hallie and Raymond, Moby and Jackie, Lucie and Tuesday, Harper and Atticus,  Luna and Louie, Prince, and sweet lambs Dorothy Jo and George…THANK YOU.

But they need you now. Serious medical expenses and additional staff time have increased our animal care costs. The orphans still need extra care and the older babies are starting to eat hay, which eats into our food budget. That’s why we have established the Tiniest Herd Fund to help our new babies this year. We must raise $48,500 to cover the costs for 2016. That's $4,350 for each baby goat and $2000 for Dorothy Jo and George, which would cover medical costs, food, and additional caregiving from our dedicated team. 

Can you help now? Give once or sign up to sponsor our Tiniest Herd monthly.

Your compassion will live on in their happiness. 


Some mother and baby goats got internal parasites which, in turn, caused anemia. Because of the deplorable conditions the moms had been kept in, they have susceptibility to illness and compromised immune systems which, unfortunately, was also inherited by their babies. A healthy goat can usually fight off internal parasites with just one dosage of medication, but our moms and babies needed more than that.

We brought in the vet for a check up and quickly learned that the goats were more anemic from the parasites than we initially thought—Harper, Prince and Stella especially. Four-month-old Harper was so extremely anemic that she was in danger of not making it through the night if we didn’t act quickly. All three needed an immediate blood transfusion.

Two of our healthy and calm goats, Fern and Clover, donated their blood that saved Harper, Prince, and Stella's lives. Some of our caregivers stayed overnight to keep an eye on them and thankfully, everyone is recovering wonderfully.

We are so incredibly thankful to our veterinarian and caregiving staff who helped with this emergency procedure; those who watched and continue to watch the sick goats throughout the night; and of course for Clover and Fern, who saved the lives of our friends.

To all those who support Woodstock Farm Sanctuary—we couldn’t do this lifesaving work without you. On behalf of all the animals, THANK YOU ALL!

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